The People Behind
The Curtains

We take pride in being a team of unique individuals. At StarTrooper, everyone brings something to the table - a specific skill set, particular expertise, or unique experiences. But, there is one thing we all have in common. We are leaders, and we plan to lead the global PR space!

Ash Narain

Founder & CEO

Raj Kabir

Founder & CTO

Nikita Garg Narain

Director - Growth & Alliances

Prachi Gupta

Account Lead

Shobhit Mittal

Business Operations

Akankshaa Jain


Aastha Jain

HR Manager - Talent Management

Sujata Ingtipi

Software Engineer

Shubham Maurya

Full Stack Developer

Sahil Yadav

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Swethlana Saraswat

Content Writer

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