Crisis Management

Crisis Management PR services that help you dictate your story in a way that changes the world’s impression about your brand. StarTrooper is a reliable agency that creates contingency strategies for any future crises.

Crisis management
services that prepare you for the worst

We prepare you for every situation, ensuring that you leave your best image forward. We are the Crisis Management Agency that changes how the world sees you.

A primal part of our crisis communication and reputation management services is to first understand what impression the world could get when your story gets out and then prepare you for its outcome. We ensure that we present your brand in the best light possible.

PR Preparedness

PR Response

When your story doesn’t meet the brand image you envisioned for your company, we prepare the best response and mitigation plan. Our crisis management and communications services ensure that the right stance is restored on time.

PR Recovery

As one of the top crisis management firms, we help you recover from a negative narrative in record time. We ensure that your business success doesn’t get impacted and you remain the industry’s leader.

Change your brand narrative
when it matters

We can help you change
your brand story


stories picked up


press releases distributed


false brand
narratives changed

At StarTrooper, we help you prepare for the reactions your story can get when it releases and help you change the narrative when needed. We create a version of your story that best aligns with your business objectives, ensuring that your business continuity remains unaffected.

At StarTrooper, we ensure that you are prepared and there is always a plan B when things don't go according to the anticipated outcome.


Hear it From The Real

The experience our PR measurement
and evaluation services have created

I have been associated with Startrooper for 5 months and the results are splendid. Kudoos to the team for helping me in establishing long term relationships with reputed journalists and media houses. The human component of their tech-enabled services is fabulous. Great work!

Dr Rahman Mohammed