Telling Brand Stories That Capture the World’s Interest

Every brand has a story to tell and we are the PR agency that helps them share it with the world. We utilize an approach that combines personalized storytelling with a targeted outreach strategy.

what we do

Bringing all your PR solutions onto one platform

We offer end-to-end PR services that tell stories, influence media, build brand reputation, and help grow your business.

PR Creation


We develop impactful brand stories that inspire the world to act

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PR Distribution


We use our AI-based press release distribution software to take your story to the global media houses.

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PR Analysis


We dissect your PR objectives and use our expertise to provide personalised solutions.

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Media Database


We work with an extensive media database that promises global visibility for every sector.

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Media Monitoring


We track the overall performance of your PR campaign and ensure its impact on your targeted audience.

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Planning and Strategy Development


We use the right set of PR tools to build a strategy that keeps you in the news.

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Who we are

We Are The PR Agency That Provides Guaranteed Media Pick-ups

StarTrooper’s expertise lies in generating buzz for startups and establishing medium-to-large businesses as thought leaders in their respective industries.

Create Experiences

We help you create engaging and thoughtful pieces that help readers experience the true value of your brand and connect with your services on a subconscious level.

Targeted Outreach

We make use of a PR distribution software that eliminates manual work from outreach and distribution. How do you benefit from it? You get your story shared across the world, faster.

Build Audience

Our PR services don’t just keep you in the news. We help you build a loyal audience, journalist connections, and credibility in the market.

Low Cost

We give you complete access to our journalist network at a 20% lesser price quote than other PR solution providers. How do we benefit? Through our long-lasting partnership.

Massive Journalist

We have amassed a database of hundreds of thousands of journalists, bloggers, and media houses spread across various industries and geographies. This enables us to curate a list of the most relevant media for your company.

why us

Results-driven PR Process Backed by 100% Managed Service & Inbox Handling

We have built a global network of over 800,000 journalists, bloggers, and a robust tech stack to facilitate our client’s every PR need. Our in-house content, design, and PR teams manage your inbox and ghostwrite your articles to save you precious time.

  1. Audit
    Through an extensive market audit we find storytelling opportunities where your business will shine. Once we have found that vantage point, we identify the best medium to get your message across - visual elements, quotes from your spokesperson, or product demo.
  2. Strategize
    We are your digital PR agency that loves questions. Before we get down to writing your story, we answer questions around what, where, when, and why to define what the outcome of the PR would look like for your brand.
  3. Draft Your PR
    We draft your story in a creative and engaging manner, communicating what your brand does and how it would translate into your business outcome when it meets the right audience. We share the draft with you and make revisions until approved.
  4. Distribute your story
    Consider us to be your in-house PR consultant who reaches out to the most relevant journalists on your behalf. We use our AI-powered press release platform to take your story to the right media houses, making you popular in the media and transforming your brand into a thought leader in your industry.
  5. Monitor the performance
    We don’t just take your PR story to the world, we track its performance and impact across different mediums. We ensure that your story influences the markets you plan to target.

Our team

Meet Our Team of Opinion-Makers

We are a team of dynamic change-catalysts and experienced PR professionals who are ready to take your public relations to the next step! Think of us as an extension of your startup.

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